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Otiena Ellwand 

Ottawa-based content writer, editor and communications strategist

I work with small businesses and international brands to create strategic content that engages, informs and compels customers to take action. 
Whether I'm writing blogs, e-books, website copy, social media posts or editorials, my intent is always to connect with my audience, solve their problems and help businesses grow. 


Professional Experience: 

With a decade of experience as a professional writer and communicator, I've been published in mainstream media and trade publications across Canada and abroad, including the Edmonton Journal, Telegraph-Journal, Australian Broker and Mortgage Professional Australia. I develop and execute content marketing and communications strategies for global brands, including Merrithew, a leading Pilates company. 


I can help you with... 

  • Ideating, researching, interviewing, writing and editing SEO blog posts 

  • Writing and editing emails, newsletters, e-books, whitepapers, reports, etc. 

  • Crafting persuasive website, product and social media copy

  • Ghostwriting thought leadership articles and industry awards submissions 

  • Drafting your voice/tone style guide and branding documents 

  • Developing communications strategies

  • Planning and implementing content processes and editorial calendars

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