Otiena Ellwand 

Hi, I'm Otiena, a freelance content writer, copywriter,
and story-driven marketer based in Ottawa, Canada. 

I work with small businesses and international brands to create strategic content that engages, informs and compels customers to take action. 

Driven by my curiosity for people, my passion for storytelling, and my training as a journalist to seek answers from data and research, I write everything from blogs to ebooks, website copy, magazine advertisements, social media posts and editorials.
No matter what I'm writing, my intent is to use stories to connect with diverse audiences, solve their problems, and help businesses grow. 


My writing experience: 

I have nine years of experience as a professional writer and communicator with thousands of bylines in mainstream media and trade publications across Canada and abroad, including the Edmonton Journal, Telegraph-Journal, Australian Broker and Mortgage Professional Australia. By day, I'm Senior Content and Communications Specialist at Merrithew, a global fitness educator and equipment manufacturer, where I'm in charge of developing and executing the content marketing strategy, including creating client-facing communications, such as emails, blogs, website pages, newsletters, editorials and social media. By night, I am a freelance content writer and copywriter with clients primarily in finance/business and health/fitness. 


I can help you with... 

  • Ideating and creating SEO blog posts 

  • Planning and implementing content processes and editorial calendars

  • Executing content marketing campaigns

  • Clarifying your voice/tone style guide and branding documents 

  • Writing and editing email newsletters, ebooks, whitepapers, etc. 

  • Crafting persuasive website, product and social media copy

  • Ghostwriting thought leadership articles and industry awards submissions 

Companies I've worked for: 

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