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2022 Fitness Trends and Key Opportunities for Fitness Professionals and Studio Owners

Merrithew Blog, January 2022

“Pilates Has the Power to Change Lives,” Says STOTT PILATES® Instructor Who Works With Syrian Refugees

Merrithew Blog, December 2021 

2022 Pilates Reformer Buyers’ Guide: How to Choose the Best Pilates Reformer for Your Needs, Fitness Goals and Studio Space

Merrithew Blog, September 2021 

From cleaning motels to owning three LA Pilates studios, Laura Wilson of Natural Pilates shares her secrets to success

Merrithew Blog, May 2021  

How the Pilates Reformer Helped this COVID-19 patient during her months-long recovery

Merrithew Blog, March 2021 


STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor with cerebral palsy changes the narrative on who can participate in Pilates

Merrithew Blog, December 2020 

After becoming functionally paralyzed, patient found his way back to health with Pilates

Merrithew Blog, October 2020 


Merrithew's 28 Days of Mindfulness 

I wrote and edited all of the content for this 28-day campaign, generating 31,000 unique pageviews.

Feel Good February

I created and led this project, coordinating between various departments and interviewees to produce14 days of engaging content for fitness professionals and studio owners, generating an average time on page of 12 minutes. 




Merrithew Connect

I wrote all of the copy for Merrithew's new streaming platform, Merrithew Connect, which launched in June 2021.


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